While every project is unique, here are a few of my most popular packages:
  • The Intercession: Designed for businesses on Cloud 8 (going up!), the Intercession provides you a comprehensive site review proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation so you can confidently connect with your clients.
  • The Absolution:   If your website needs more than proofreading and prayers to convert those customers, you desire Absolution.  This package includes everything offered in an Intercession, plus you’ll receive a line-by-line review of your existing copy with suggestions to improve your business’ style and voice.
  • The Exorcism:  Does your website’s existing copy make your head spin and make you want to vomit pea soup?  You need an Exorcism!  My most comprehensive package, the Exorcism will decimate the demons that have plagued your dreams of success with a complete, top-to-bottom overhaul of your entire website. We’ll work together to identify everything that’s working, and banish the rest to the fires of mediocrity. No priests, old or young, required!

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